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In line with our  4th Anniversary, the Esoteric Society of the Philippines will be opening its doors again for new applicants.  For those interested  please do visit  our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/ESPhilippines?fref=ts. Please pm us and leave your name and phone number so we can get back to you the soonest possible time.

Interview will be on July 18, 2015 from  7pm-10pm at Tramway Buffet Plaza  Shaw Boulevard.

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Our Group: Esoteric Society of the Philippines

Under the principle of practicing by example the values of unconditional love, peaceful coexistence, unconditional positive regard, and self-less service, ESP aims to provide free assistance and service resolution to the community it belongs. It also aims to foster responsible esoteric practice among its members and promote public consciousness through trainings, events, publication and but not... limited to community development.

The Esoteric Society of the Philippines, Inc. (ESP) was recently founded in 2011 by a group of young individuals from different esoteric, paranormal and spiritual backgrounds in various regions in the country with the mission and vision to be the premiere organization in esoteric practices, paranormal investigation and service resolution recognized in the Philippines under the premise of harmonious co-existence, self-less service and responsible esoteric practice. We are not the Spirit Questors.

ESP has three functional components. The “Anima” branch deals with exploration of the esoteric realms like spirits, ghosts, magick, divination and etc. The group fosters a balanced and grounded way to explore the unconscious mind, the facets of the psyche, and extra sensory perception. It also honors and respects freedom in expressing its esoteric and paranormal practice and spirituality. The “Muneris” branch is the service component of the organization. The group provides free assistance and service resolution for the esoteric and paranormal needs of individuals, households and/or the community. Every Saturday night, the group conducts paranormal case investigations upon request. Lastly, the third component called “Nous” deals with research, learning, and training. This component also advocates for public awareness. ESP also exist as a responsible forum for dialogue among the youth on key concepts that help provide physical, social, and spiritual education for the benefit of Philippine society.


QUESTS BEYOND EXISTENCE: A book beyond description and perception

Quests Beyond Existence presents the reader a mixture of story-telling, imparting principles, entertaining and educating the reader about concepts beyond human lives.

The book hopes to leave with the reader a more accepting attitude and a much better understanding of life and its relationships both here and beyond. Through the work, it is hoped that the reader will learn to understand human and non-human relationships and be able to apply these ideas in their own lives thereby improving their own existence. These values are hopefully achieved through concrete examples and shared personal experiences of the people in the stories.

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Nat Geo: I wouldn't go in there media launch

From : http://entertainment.inquirer.net/112807/i-wouldnt-go-in-there-is-spooky-but-inquisitive-too

ROBERT Joe at the abandoned Clark Air Base Hospital videograb

National Geographic’s new series “I Wouldn’t Go In There” explores the historical backgrounds of Asian locations that are reportedly haunted. Unlike many paranormal-themed reality programs, however, it has an analytical tone and a skeptic for a host.


Korean-American blogger and “urban explorer” Robert Joe, or RJ, visits sites considered haunted by locals. In an episode that featured the Clark Air Base Hospital in Pampanga, RJ interviewed witnesses of spectral activity, as well as history experts. The episode aired in the last week of August, while the rerun aired last Tuesday.


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